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The Copenhagen Interpretation of Ethics says that when you observe or interact with a problem in any way, you can be blamed for it. At the very least, you are to blame for not doing more. Even if you don’t make the problem worse, even if you make it slightly better, the ethical burden of the problem falls on you as soon as you observe it. In particular, if you interact with a problem and benefit from it, you are a complete monster. I don’t subscribe to this school of thought, but it seems pretty popular.

The Copenhagen Interpretation of Ethics

Zooko, famously of Zooko's Triangle says "This is a great upgrade to the original Pet Names paper!! Everyone who works on decentralized systems and/or social networks should read this! ❤️"

Can't get better praise than someone famous for analyzing naming properties talking about your paper about naming things!

pump lemmas not cryptocurrencies

OH: I used giraffe with saturn long time ago.

“My Daughters’ Mum Part 1” by Natasha Badhwar -

Listen to the children, I remind myself. It is the least we owe to the people who are always listening to us.

Wait. What did I just say there? Children don’t listen to us! This is the complaint every parent seems to have. Yet, when I look at our kids looking at us, I feel like I can hear the laser scanner in their brain going wzzz-wzzz as it copies everything it sees and hears.

It is not easy to listen to children. Our patriarchal family setup has taught us that they are not supposed to matter. We are meant to train and mould them into proper human beings. We expect resistance, as if they are a lower form of life. Their innocence and clear-eyed insights are misconstrued for a lack of intelligence.”

now’s the time to migrate your friends and family over to signal or @session!

quick, before whatsapp returns to dns!

@ekaitz_zarraga I don't think I've seen that for at least 20 years! where did you see it? I only knew remember one person who wrote emails with that, a core netbsd developer.

@lain Netflix doesn't have anything like Prime's X-ray.

@lain I watched most it when it was on Amazon Prime, and then they yanked it right before I started the last season.

I found the weirdest motivational poster at a cafe today.
motivational poster that says "The only thing holding you back is YOU" overlayed over a still from Waltz With Bashir.

MIT 16.687 Private Pilot Ground School, IAP 2019:

F-22 Flight Controls

you wake up. it was all just a dream.
the personal computer was never invented.
you are relieved.

seen in a Microsoft ad in Byte magazine, volume 7 number 8 (1982, on Logo)

better tools for microcomputers, microsoft

what colour shall we have today?

depends on how i feel you say
consult your research on the media
sea blue will calm my hysteria

@lain see some people shine with glee, but their song is jealousy; their hate is clanging, maddening.

@feonixrift really wish my 5x hadn't died. it was a good phone.

i replaced it with a nokia 6.1 plus, which is close to EOL for security updates. replaced my mi a1 (when it was EOL'd) with the nokia 7.2, and nokia has slipped on the android 11 update there by at least five months. if only the pixels were cheap.