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Have you ever seen a form where "female" was listed before "male"? Like, the "female" checkbox was to the left or above the "male" checkbox?

Isn't it weird how "male" is always (not usually, but always) comes first?

Just something I noticed.

@cell @Arcana @lain which dialect is that? some of those letters are not in standard arabic.

a picture of two donuts with the label "stuff donut" (sic)

demo at 1170s, including an error triggered on the smalltalk side.

cc @nasser

@yogthos found it:

the others are also funny!

saw this at the co-working space yesterday.

a phone hooked up to a charger with a very short cable, held up with a sleeve made of paper.  the charger's pins pierce the paper sleeve, keeping everything connected.

@datn try .md, or .is, or even .vn.

@dredmorbius dune, when it was the imax near me. waiting for dune 2…

This code is not type safe because it would then be possible to define a cat and send it after an alligator:

@feld @yosh something makes a whining sound when i shake the monitor, and that fixes the pm2.5 readings for a while (a few hours, but sometimes just a few minutes). i assumed it was the fan. the co2 readings are unaffected.

chants of sennaar: fun game. the steam version appears to work flawlessly on linux.

@yosh my airvisual pro stopped measuring pm2.5 concentrations a couple of years ago (internal fan doesn’t spin, or something), but the co2 sensor is still fine. with the bedroom windows and doors closed at night for 12 hours, the co2 level climbs to over 1200 by the morning.

i don’t have a choice here – my pm2.5 levels stay over 200 for several weeks on end in the winter months. i have a good air purifier, but it doesn’t do anything for co2.

We just released version 1.0.0 of the plugin! 🎉

This is the first release under the umbrella of !

Thanks to Automattic and all the fantastic people who helped with this great release!

@mattwiebe for the amazing new blocks!
@mediaformat for the http-signatures
@jeremy for several Jetpack compatibilities
@nuriapenya for the design of the settings and blocks
@donnacavalier for all the texts and documentation
@alex for a lot of big and small contributions

I wrote a short blog post about my unix clock thingy

(I'm trying to do more larger-than-micro blogging)

fool! you fell victim to one of the classic blunders – the most famous is “never get involved in a land war in asia,” but only slightly less well known is this: “never trust user input.”

His mother tried to explain. “It’s as if you’d found some great jewel,” she said, “and what’s one of us to do with a diamond but hide it? Anybody rich enough to buy it from you is strong enough to kill you for it. Keep it hid. And keep away from great people and their crafty men!”

– The Finder, uklg

cw: temporary murder

After I killed my wife, I had twenty hours before her new body finished printing downstairs.

Twenty Hours


by Cadence

Every enemy holds executable code. Shoot the enemy to run its code.

game illustration from linked site

a (fun, frustrating) floating point captcha game (unity3d, web).